Behind the Music:

Crazy Ever After 

Crazy Ever After is the second released single by Molly D'Ago. Originally written by Adrianne Gonzalez, Gabriel Rutman, and Kyler Austin, this heart-wrenching duet was recorded and released 100% remotely during the hight of the COVID-19 pandemic. This release features Hugo Ferreira (Tantric). Also featured on the track is pianist Jesse Bond. The final track was recorded in three different east-coast studios in Vermont, New York and Virginia. The final track was mixed by Chuck Alkazian at Pearl Sounds in Detroit, Michigan. 


Lifetime was written and recorded in a single-day at Pearl Sound Studios in Detroit, Michigan. The song was written and arranged by Hugo Ferreira (Tantric), Molly D'Ago and Chuck Alkazian (Pearl Sounds). The song features metal vocalist Waylon Reavis (Mushroomhead). Lifetime was release in May, 2019 and ended up charting in 10 different countries internationally on both pop and rock charts.